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Me!? Excited for Series 8!?


No, no, you must be mistaken


I mean, I don’t even watch Dentist What


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I was reading something in French and these two girls who are friends were sitting there lying to each other about their houses and I walked up to my teacher and told her that they had a toxic friendship.

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When your talking to people about your ex and they say that they think your ex is cute so you just casually mention how you dated them once.

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Do you think that if I managed to obtain a gauntlet and then threw it at my Ancient European history teacher from 7th grade would i get to stab her in a duel?

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What is up with the Grimm brothers putting people in baskets?

Are these baskets really big or are the people just really tiny?

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I complain about how hard geometry is and i don’t understand it. Then I draw during the entire class.

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What I’ve Done in the Past Year: Two Differing Percpectives

Me: Absolutely nothing.

The girl I babysit: Made me trust the evil witch so now I have to kill the princess instead of the witch. Saved me from pirates. Multiple times. Made me loose a friend. Fought monsters out of the dark and built and indestructible castle.

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My English teacher is absolutey AMAZING! Her room is covered in, star trek, doctor who, LOTR, Harry Potter, X-men, and Star wars stuff.